Sunday, September 25, 2011

Latest Custom Orders in Amy's Creative Corner

So, I am happy to say that things feel like they are picking up for me somewhat. Or maybe I am trying new ways to advertise my work. I live and breathe my business...I think about it all the time. Falling asleep at night is sometimes difficult because I lay there and can I get more exposure for my artwork or what can I do better? Oy!

It seems like Google has been a good way for people to find my work. I will continue to try out experiments and research what is best for Amy's Creative Corner. I have been busy with a few orders though, which is very exciting. Custom pet portraits and custom necklaces using that image from the portrait (which is what I'd love for people to want to purchase: a portrait, necklace and then stationery, all using the image I paint.)

We're getting there folks, just hang tight and spread the word! :)

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