Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in Town & Back to Work

I had a lovely trip across the country, well to Asheville, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and through states I don't really want to go back to...shall we say...KANSAS. Oy! But I managed to capture some pretty cool shots (many from the window of my car) and got to see my older sister and her wonderful family in Colorado.

I spent quality time (HOURS in ONE car! haha) with my boyfriend Michael, camped at Ojo Caliente and enjoyed their natural hot springs, ate delicious foods, hiked a desert trail in "bear country" and went to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe. I can't say what the best part of the trip was. Seeing the National Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque was awesome and so was the cuban sandwich in Austin. Yup, I'd say overall, I had a pretty nice trip!

And what was really neat is that while I was gone, I had a few different Etsy transactions go through. So, today I started, completed and shipped the custom necklace orders. It felt really nice to have a business to come home to where I had orders waiting for me to fulfill.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Got the Nikon D7000!!!! And now WEST-BOUND!!!

I did it folks! I saved my money and purchased the sweet little Nikon D7000. Of course my first shot was my dog, Mya, but I plan to use it for wedding photography with Yin and Yang Photography, my artwork, things around town, travel, whatever catches my eye!

Speaking of boyfriend Michael and I are headed WEST after a wedding in the mountains this weekend. We plan to visit Austin, TX, Santa Fe, NM, Colorado Springs, CO and stop in places our hearts tell us to stop (or my camera for that matter!). Departure: 8.12.11 and Home Arrival: 8:27:11. I'll definitely be posting some of my favorite photos that I get on this journey.

In these two photos, Mya sits next to her portrait and I get a shot with my camera.