Friday, April 20, 2012

Animals in Costume Art Show at Revolver Consignment

On Sunday, April 15, I had my art show at Revolver Consignment! I painted 8 different animals dressed in costume... a pig wearing a tiera, a lizard in a top hat, etc. Another crafty gal, Marilyn Tilley, set up her handmade accessories and we had local food and drink available. Pavlov's Dogs came out with their hot dog stand, which was a big hit. We had a local brew master donate a keg of awesomely delicious beer. We had Best Friend Pet Adoption group there taking donations, too. It was a good time.

I was hoping for more people, but with the weather being so beautiful outside that day and it being two days before taxes being due, I understand that peoples' minds were elsewhere. :) And that's okay. They are still up on display, so take a peek today! I am thinking these would make cool prints to put my Etsy shop, too.