Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Oly" the Fire Station pup painting

"Oly" the painting. A couple of months ago, I just happened to come across a Facebook posting of a firefighter who lost his station dog, Oly. She was taken in by the kind firefighters at Engine-28 in San Antonio, and loved her and gave her a home for over two years. After she was struck by a vehicle, she went on to doggy heaven, and that is when I found this post and read about how much they cared for her. The amount of joy that this dog brought to the firefighters inspired me…Oly truly touch me, so much that I felt the need to paint her and give the painting to the station, her old home, and let the firefighters have something to remember her by...

Some of the great Fire Fighters at Engine-28 with their painting

Me being silly at the station!


Dogs bring such joy to people's lives…hopefully this painting will bring joy to the station.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Latest Custom Pet Portraits

Some of the latest custom pet portraits from Amy's Creative Corner… 
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