From my wonderful customers...this is what keeps me going...

"Oh my Gosh, I can't believe how AMAZING this turned out. I couldn't be happier with it!"    

"I didn't think it possible that Amy could have outdone the two portraits of my sister's dog Maya that she did over the holidays, but wow. This portrait of Yogi was so inspiring and brought tears to our yoga teacher's eyes (Yogi had recently passed and I ordered a portrait as a gift from our class). Amy does amazing work and magically captures the essence of the dogs she creates on canvas. I will soon be ordering my own pet portrait of my girl, who's getting on in years. Thank you Amy!!"     

"I received portraits last friday. They fly around the world and finally arrived Taiwan! when I see the portraits , I feel like my cats come back to me.I really love it! love their bright eyes. Amy did really awesome job. highly recommend!"   -Ian

"SUCH adorable pictures!! Trying to think of new ideas so I can order more from her"    

"I got it and I LOVE IT!!!  I cannot wait to give it to Greg!  I want to show my kids, but I know they would spill the beans!  Luckily, my Mom was here when it arrived, so I shared it with her and she loved it too!  Thank you so much!  You are amazingly gifted!"   -Michele

"Thank you so much for your lovely painting of my babies for my birthday present!  So now, of course, I want MORE!! Haha !  I was very much surprised when Wade and my best friend Allison took me into the store and I stumbled upon the painting!  I saw the painting almost in passing then I stopped and looked back at it and mumbled, wow this kind of looks like Astro then I saw Prissy and thought,wow that REALLY looks like Prissy.  Then I stood back and looked at the whole painting again and said that REALLY looks like Astro & Prissy and turned around to look at Wade and he had a tear rolling out of his eye and my friend and the ladies in the shop were laughing hysterically at me!!! TOTALLY set up!!  How fun!!"   -Kelly

"Amy was such a pleasure to work with. Her work was stunning and she captured our cat, Marley, so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes. This will be such a treasured piece for years to come. Amy was quickly responsive and really helpful.She even worked within my short time frame without hesitation. I plan on using her in the future to paint our other cat and our dog. Fantastic work!!"    -Christina

"The painting looks great and I really appreciate your hard work.  You did a fantastic job of capturing Holden on the canvas -- it looks just like him in the face. Most importantly, the gift was a hit!  It's always hard to get a gift for someone who can be difficult to buy for, but the portrait was a home run!"    

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