Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Wedding and the Crafts that were made!

I have been meaning to do this, well, since September! I got married on August 30th in North Carolina to my lover man, Michael. We drove 22 hours to celebrate with our family and friends. We brought our dogs and several tupperware containers of handmade decor. I want to share my experiences with you so that if you are also planning your big day, this will maybe offer some inspiration and advice.

Don't miss some of our Wedding FAILS at the bottom!

It was the home of the Faux flowers, spray paint, lace, burlap, doilies, 
corner rounding, hot glue sticks, etc. for a couple of months!

To start it off...

Will you be my Bridesmaid? I made 3 little boxes asking my two sisters and best friend 
if they would be by my side for the big day.

Save The Date cards.
Mya and Tomoe being Save the Date models. Or not.

The Ring box
Ribbon held the rings. Painted box, spray mounted colored paper, faux flowers. 

Painted initial letters, with glued on flowers and sparkle bits. These letters sat near our card box.

Card Box. 
I painted a house shaped box that a roof top that came off. I added little flowering pots at the base to make it feel more "homey!" 
Our goal is to build our own home one day, so I thought it was pretty fitting. :)

The Doggy Cake Topper! 
Oven bake clay made for a cute little cake topper. 
I had to incorporate Mya and Tomoe somehow! I painted their little hard bodies with acrylic paint and sat them on little piece of wood. I glued on little flowers, made "we do too" flag banner and added mini vintage flour bags (to go with our rustic theme).


Handmade invitations. 
What a process! Spray painted doilies, folded over invite and wrapped twine around the base, and added flowers and sparkly bits.


The Outfit!
Who says you can't feel awesome on a budget?!

I ended up finding a PROM dress, in ivory, that was just great. I had it tailored just a little, 
but ended up saving SO much on the dress situation. Thanks, Celebrations!

I was blessed to be able to use my Mom's wedding veil from 30 years ago, too! A friend helped me detach the delicate fabric from the "pill box" that it was attached to and she sewed it 
onto a simple little clip that went underneath my up-do. 

I gently took off two of the lace appliqu├ęs from the veil and used it as accents on a belt that my sister and I made. I used a hot glue gun to adhere the little sparkly bits! 

My friend, Alina Ramirez did my hair and make up.


Guest Book. 
I wrapped stretchy lace around a kraft/board "binder" from Hobby Lobby. Added faux flowers and yes, sparkly bits. The inside had blank areas where guests could sign. Every page had a photo of Michael and I from the past few years. I wrapped twine around a pen for guests to use.



Party Favors. 
Since we live in Texas, I thought it would be fitting to bring a little Texas with us. We visited our friends, The Nutt Doctor, at the Farmers Market and bought a big bag of Candied Pecans. I put those bags inside of craft bags and stapled doilies over the top. 
(I stamped "thank you" on the doily first.)


Table Seating Chart. 
Working full time in a winery has its perks. I took a bunch of empty wine bottles and wrapped burlap/lace/ribbon/whatever around all of them and then used the corks to hold the cards. I cut a slit half way down each cork and used the "wine name system" to "number" all of my tables. The main seating board had all the different wine names with the guest's names at their designated table. 


For the main seating board, I stapled mint fabric around an old bulletin board from a thrift store and glued on faux flowers and ribbon. 

 Multi-purpose programs! I wanted to give the guests something to do while they waited before the ceremony. They could use it as a fan, too. And then they could take the "fancy bell pencil" home.



Mock up of how I thought the tables could look. With the hand cut runners from fabric I got from the local fabric shop. I used ivory lace and a satin mint fabric. Very inexpensive! :)


Gift for Dad
A box of goodies for the Father of the Bride. Silly pictures, BBQ mix, and a lovely tie that was put together by different hands. Handmade tie by Joy Neck Wear  on Etsy, custom patch made by Sew Happy Girls on Etsy, and the patch was sewn onto the tie by myself. 

Gift for Bridesmaids
I had these monogrammed robes made from this great Etsy shop, Just Cottons.

Gift for Moms
Handkerchiefs for Happy Tears! Had these made from the Etsy shop, The Polka Dotted Bee.

I made two charms that held photos of my grandparents who could not be at the wedding. This little bracelet of sorts wrapped around the lace/burlap that went around the base of the peach roses. 


Shonell Singler from Tender Touches , who happens to be a wonderful family friend, created the lovely bouquet and did the set up/decorating using the decor that I brought. She added her special touch, too to different areas of the ceremony and the reception. Here are a few things…champagne flutes, arrangement for the sweet heart table, sign in table and more! She rocks!!! 

We put our ideas and together, and she let loose and did her thing!

The set up! Our ceremony and reception took place at the Weathervane at the Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC. It was just lovely. 

I must thank my mama for finding this little gem.



Wedding Day FAILS! 
My philosophy on this lovely wedding was to go in to with the mindset that I should have little expectations. The planned time line or small details are sure to the change/mess up/break/not work/etc. 
When you don't have expectations, the night runs as smoothly as a fine glass of cabernet sauvignon. 
And that is exactly what happened! We had the best party ever :) 
But we certainly had some fails. 

Here are some:

 1- I forgot the garter. So my dear Matron of Honor, Ashlie, tied a dinner napkin around my thigh.

2- Cutting the dress at the last minute because it was a little too long and I was tripping over it.

3- My veil fell off during the Father and Daughter dance.

4- Luckily, Michael had his pocket knife on him so that his best man, Clint, could use it to 
cut off our rings during the ceremony!!! 
It caused a big laugh, which was a fun way to set the mood for a good night.

5- Since the venue was 22 hours away, I never really got to see some of the details like knowing how big the cake was that came with our buffet option. 
SO our topper definitely topped the edges of the cake! 

6- It was the HOTTEST day of the summer. Wet shirts everywhere!

7- And no picture to prove the Mega MacGyver Sister moment. My bustle wasn't working, or couldn't be found, so she bent the back of an earring and attached it to a bobby pin and somehow pulled up the extra fabric to make a bustle!!! Amazing!

Overall, it was a wonderful wedding and I wouldn't ask for anything to have been different. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the crafts I did so you can create 
your most personalized event ever!