Thursday, April 1, 2021

The latest works: Finding my Flow

 You all!  I am so excited to share some of the latest works from Amy's Creative Corner.  I have been experimenting for a while now with interesting backgrounds, incorporating different textures and applications.  I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for viewing!  Visit my website to view more, to purchase these, or to purchase prints of the paintings.  Thank you!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

I adopt a shelter puppy, Lucy!

 Amy Adopts!

I had a dream in October 2020 that I was sitting down and had a medium sized cream colored dog resting around my lap.  It was so pleasant and sweet.  I knew in my dream that I had found my new little friend.  

Fast forward a couple months, I see "Honeybelle" on the Robeson County Humane Society website and thought, let's fill out an application.  I had been trying for some months to adopt from other rescues, but had amazing difficulties for one reason or another!  I get a call the next morning that I was approved to meet Honeybelle!! So I drove down 2 hours the very next day, first of December 2020, and met her dirty little self at the shelter.  She was smelly, covered in urine and was dirty, but goodness was she adorable.  

I signed all the paperwork, brought her into my car, and we went on our way 2 hours back to Wake Forest.  The moment she realized I wasn't going to abandon her was on a gas station stop where I took her to peepee and I brought her back into the was almost like I could hear her saying "thanks for not leaving me here!" It made me cry with joy and helped her know...I will always take care of her, and will never leave her behind! 

So I gave her bath as soon as we got back, and a radiant, fluffy white cream colored coat was remaining and so beautiful!  She started to ease into the home, and felt more and more at ease as time went on.  She is absolutely so sweet.  Amazing.  Her name is Lucy!  And here she is...

This was her profile picture on the shelter's website.  Awwwww.

Our first picture together at the shelter!

Our first no-mask selfie on our way home.

Thanks for following my new adventure with this little babe.  She's a Million Dollar Lottery Puppy!  Shelters have amazing pets.  I recommend visiting one to see who may be in need of being rescued and could bring you a lot of joy and love. 

This was extra emotional because I said goodbye to Mya over a year and a half ago, so it felt sort of weird having this new puppy (6 months old).  But, I know Mya would be happy for me.  I do feel like she helped the Universe to show me her...after months of being rejected by rescues.  A little patience paid off and I feel very blessed.  Thank you, Mya.

Read more about this great shelter in Lumberton, NC.  There are so many amazing pets there, and the volunteers and so helpful and kind.  They truly care about the welfare of animals, and I am so thankful for meeting them and meeting "Honebelle" aka LUCY.