Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Some of the latest works

I have been a busy bee painting away!  Please enjoy looking at some of the latest works...

Blue Heron with a pink sky and Moon. 8x10 acrylic.

Custom pet portrait of "Hank" on display at Voda clothing boutique in North Hills in Raleigh, NC.

Scorpion tail with Feathers. 8x10 size canvas.

Lady Horus, 16x20 size canvas.

Penguin's Ascension. 8x10 acrylic painting.

Hawk Sun and Black Jaguar Moon painting.

Whales In Space. 8x10 size canvas.

Hummingbird and Lion's Conversations.

Custom pet portrait. 16x20 size canvas.

If you are interested in any of these ready to ship and ready to hang paintings, feel free to visit my site, www.amyyeagerjorge.com or my Etsy shop.  Thanks for your eyes!

Corona Virus: We can still find joy in artwork. Coupon Code!

The Corona Virus has taken the world by surprise.  It has created a lot of unsettled feelings for many people across the globe.  One of the most wonderful feelings I have is helping others experience some joy by viewing my artwork.  When people are emotional or moved and touched by my artwork, it is truly so meaningful to me that I can help provide people a visual mode of emotional release. 

I am offering a discount of 10% off any pet portrait and original piece of art for anyone who may benefit from a little bit of help.  Artwork can be still enjoyed through difficult times, in fact, I believe art can help heal a lot of anxiety and fear, by relaxing the system and bringing relaxation to the mind and body.

Please enjoy looking through my website, www.amyyeagerjorge.com and sending me a message, where I can manually add your discount through Venmo or PayPal.  You can use coupon code: CORONA10 on my Etsy shop as well if you prefer to use Etsy. 

Thank you and may we all get through this with as much grace as possible.  This too shall pass.

Tribute to MYA

Am a little late on sharing this on my blog, but I'd like to share my tribute to Mya from my website

Tribute to Mya 

Words cannot express the amount of heaviness one may have in their heart when it comes to letting go of their animal friends. I let go of my dear, sweet girl, Mya on May 31st, 2019. It was a blend of bittersweet, joy, deep sadness, surreal, heavenly warmth- all in one emotion.​Mya was 12 years old when she passed, after struggling for some years with heart disease. 

 She came to this earth to help me grow as a person, develop my Self, and believe in myself to be a professional artist. Her time on this earth was full of fun, happiness, pure love and joy. She brought so much joy to so many people. 

When I posted about her passing on social media, my heart was so overjoyed to read all the words from her human friends who had the great pleasure of knowing her over the years. She was the sweetest, softest, spunky little cavalier spaniel and chihuahua mix.​ 

She was an amazing inspiration and motivation for my artwork. Below are some of the paintings of her I created over the years. It is wild to see how primitive my style was 10 years ago! My work has come a long way, and I give her appreciation and respect for always being by my side, with every painting I ever did, under my feet, always there. It will be different to paint without her physically there, but I know she will be with me still, right with me, always, with every painting I ever create for the world.​

Thank you, Mya, my sweetheart, for everything and all of your encouragement for my artwork. 

 I love you.