Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father's Day is around the corner Pet Portraits make a great gift!

Mother's Day brought some custom pet portrait orders and I heared great feedback that they made the mamas smile! I am hoping that people place orders of custom painted pet portraits for their dads, husbands, grandfathers...or any man in their world that loves their furry friend. Father's Day is June 17 this year, so get on it! :) Make your order today: www.amyscreativecorner.etsy.com

This Memorial weekend was my third annual trip to Ocracoke Island. If you've never gone before, I highly recommend it. It's a little treasure...wayyyyy out on the outer banks of North Carolina. It's a very small and unique little island full of little gems...and I tried to capture some of them for you.

International Sale to Taiwan was a success!

I was thrilled that a customer found Amy's Creative Corner on Etsy.com and purchased two custom pet portraits. He told me that both portraits are of his cats who have passed away and he wanted something to remember them by. I shipped it off and it was delivered successfully. His words of feedback were just delightful...

"I received portraits last friday. They fly around the world and finally arrived Taiwan! when I see the portraits , I feel like my cats come back to me.I really love it! love their bright eyes. Amy did really awesome job. highly recommend!"  -Ian Chen

WOW. It makes me teary eyed when customers share their stories and love for their pets. I love love love hearing stories about how much furry friends mean to their owners. So sweet.