Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Artwork and orders in Texas Dog Shops!

We're not in North Carolina anymore, Mya and Tomoe.

I have been living in Texas for about 4 weeks now and things are coming along. I have some of my artwork displayed in some great pet shops...

First shop: Woof Gang Bakery in Austin. I miss the wonderful gals in the Raleigh location, but I am excited to see what the Austin location brings. (the photo is with the pink wall). If you're looking for dog treats, this place a great place to check out. They also offer dog grooming for our little dirty monsters.

Second shop: Lofty Dog in North Austin. What a cool shop! They have so many treats, toys, accessories, and there is Mr. Pickles! I offered to paint his portrait, which is in the photo below. Pug lovers come here, so on the wall are the darth vader pug, pink pug, and Mr. Pickles!

Third shop: Paw Spa of New Braunfels. This is a neat little place located inside the Landmark Lofts, right near the Guadalupe River. I offered to paint Hemi's portrait. She is a super sweet girl and her portrait is on the wall, above her doggy daddy's desk. 

I am excited to see how things work out and see how business grows. One step at a time!