Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Christmas, Before the New Year

Here are some of the latest portraits from Amy's Creative Corner. This holiday season was quite busy and I truly appreciate all of my wonderful customers!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A different Christmas

I just feel like typing my thoughts. Let's get personal.

This is the first Christmas away from my family in North Carolina. Thanksgiving was nice and I got to cook dinner with my fiance and spend time together. But Christmas is different. It will be strange to not go to two different homes. Eat two different meals (one at his family's house, one at my family's house), open two sets of gifts. We will spend it together with our two dogs. We will have a nice Christmas Eve and Day. It is just a new feeling...but new is okay.

The end of this year has been the busiest in Amy's Creative Corner yet. I completed 21 different pet portraits, a few pendant necklaces, and prints that were sent out as Christmas gifts. They were shipped all over! To Australia, Finland, London, which is very exciting. I think it felt crazier and more hectic than it has in the past is because I simultaneously had to work my full time job, as a manager/event coordinator at a Vineyard. My fiance has been a great help to me and I appreciate him for his support.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thank you for your support in my business. I hope to continue to progress in the New Year. 2013 was good, but I think 2014 will be even better!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Bazaar at the Vineyard at Gruene

It has been a while since my last art show, craft fair or holiday market. This one is special for a few reasons: It is the first one outside of NC since moving to TX. It is at the venue where I work as the manager and event coordinator. It is the first time I have been on the other side of a show. Coordinating!

It has been so nice seeing all of the interest from local vendors to share their wares. We are going to have an eclectic group of vendors. Jewelry makers, kettle corn makers, basket weavers, face painting, fondu sets, beauty products, etc.

I am so excited for this Saturday, December 7 from noon-4pm at the Vineyard at Gruene. I will have my table set up outside but will be running around taking care of business too. Should be interesting!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amy's Creative Corner Holiday Ordering Deadline

Take note! Sunday, November 3, 2013 will be the last day to order custom painted pet portraits and have them shipped/delivered before the Holidays. So get your orders in soon if you want your loved ones to open a gift that will put a smile on their face! 

And not to worry, if you miss the cut-off, I will be happy to ship out Gift Cards, which are also a treat to open up, before December 10. Feel free to order any other handmade gifts including stationery, prints and pendant necklaces up until December 10 as well. 

Visit to see samples of work.

SPCA of Wake County Fur Ball Auctioned Painting

A couple of months ago, I was chosen to be the artist for the 2013 Fur Ball in Raleigh, NC put on by the SPCA of Wake County. I was so delighted and honored to be chosen for this awesome event, which helps save furry lives all over Wake County. 

What is even more exciting is that it was auctioned off for $1,400! I was so happy to hear of this great news. 

A friend of mine attended the ball and took this photo of the big screen which displayed my painting. The painting is of Elwood, who is a furry friend who is up for adoption. I used the photo of Elwood which was taken by the talented photographer, Tara Lynn from In Between the Blinks.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dog treat Advertising at On the Grind

If you are in the New Braunfels, Texas area, then stop by On the Grind for a delicious caffeine treat. This is a drive through coffee spot that serves up freshly made coffees, smoothies, etc. I had the ''grinder" and it was very tasty! 

The owner is a super cool guy from the North West. He is willing to pass out my doggy biscuits advertisement to the customers who may have their fur babies in their ride! They will notice a little coupon code at the bottom for my Etsy shop

I am so thankful for him doing this for me. Thank you! And may all creatures enjoy delicious treats.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Up" and "Macabre" custom pet portraits

I love it when customers ask me to create unusual paintings for them. One wonderful customer asked for her dog, Ducky, to be incorporated in the Pixar movie, "Up." Another customer asked for a "macabre" style pet portrait. The bull terrier has a sort of Hannibal Lector look to him. I had a great time painting both orders. And pictured below is my puppy, Tomoe's first portrait painted by me. She is pictured with her sis, Mya. I love my dogs!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dog Treats Bacon and Peanut Butter Flavor!

As I was submitting a vendor application to the New Braunfels Farmer's Market, I was prompted to list the items I plan on selling. As I was typing out the usual....custom pet portraits...handmade struck me that I should make food for a farmer's market! Food for furry friends. So ran to the store, purchased the ingredients and started baking.


Mya and Tomoe freaked out with happiness over sampling the bacon and the peanut butter treats. I just listed them on Etsy, so we shall see what the response is. And hopefully the Farmer's Market gets back to me. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Desk Work Area! So happy!

So as you may have noticed, I recently moved to New Braunfels, Texas because of my fiancé's new job. I have been looking for a work desk/ craft table/ work table for two months now and finally got lucky with Craigslist. I found this awesome mid century desk that was painted in a really neat way. A good Craigslist find is always very exciting!! Ha.

So I hung up my cork board covered with an old flour sack from my old farm house and two framed prints. Pictures of my sweet grandparents and sand jars from four consecutive Ocracoke Island trips decorate the top of the desk. I can't wait to work on this all I need though is a chair!

I started working on making replacements for sold prints and cards for ZaPow Gallery in Asheville, NC. My space dog and space kitty and flying saucer chihuahua are still on display there. I miss North Carolina...I will see her pretty terrain soon hopefully.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Early Bird Special! 10% Off!

Early bird special! I know, I's only July, but it's never too early to get your pet-loving-folks on your list the gift that would make them smile for years to come. 

Enter in the promo code: earlychristmas13 and receive 10% off your purchase. This includes all custom pet portraits, handmade gifts, and prints of original artwork. This deal expires August 31, 2013!

Let me know if you have any questions! Visit: to see all of the options of canvas and gifts. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Country Photography New Braunfels Gun Works

Over the weekend, I went out and into the country with my fiancé and his boss man from Hill Country Rifle. They just expanded their business with the addition of gun repairs in a new building called New Braunfels Gun Works. Since it is a new business, they needed some photos of their pieces for their website. When I get the chance to take photos, I am totally there! I had a great time, spider bites and all!! There were dogs on this property in the hill country and fun treasures like rusted steel sheets and old wood, which all made great back drops! The bottom photo, is a revolver that my fiancé made by hand, great craftsmanship! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Artwork and orders in Texas Dog Shops!

We're not in North Carolina anymore, Mya and Tomoe.

I have been living in Texas for about 4 weeks now and things are coming along. I have some of my artwork displayed in some great pet shops...

First shop: Woof Gang Bakery in Austin. I miss the wonderful gals in the Raleigh location, but I am excited to see what the Austin location brings. (the photo is with the pink wall). If you're looking for dog treats, this place a great place to check out. They also offer dog grooming for our little dirty monsters.

Second shop: Lofty Dog in North Austin. What a cool shop! They have so many treats, toys, accessories, and there is Mr. Pickles! I offered to paint his portrait, which is in the photo below. Pug lovers come here, so on the wall are the darth vader pug, pink pug, and Mr. Pickles!

Third shop: Paw Spa of New Braunfels. This is a neat little place located inside the Landmark Lofts, right near the Guadalupe River. I offered to paint Hemi's portrait. She is a super sweet girl and her portrait is on the wall, above her doggy daddy's desk. 

I am excited to see how things work out and see how business grows. One step at a time!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movin' to Texas ya' all!

Bye Bye little crafty bits and Hello New Braunfels, Texas! May 13th is the planned day of departure from sweet little NC to the Lone Star State. Amy's Creative Corner has cleaned out, packed up and is about to drive west! 

As you know, my business started a few years ago with a focus on...well...crafty bits. I made scarves, magnets, fabric coasters, etc. I accumulated SO much STUFF. No room for hoarders in Texas! So with a massive yard sale and items going here and there on Craigslist, I sold and Donated a bunch of my crafty bits. It was like a little piece (or many pieces) of me leaving... somewhat nostalgic and sad, but it was for the best. My focus is more concentrated now - pet portraits and some handmade gifts, but mostly painting portraits.

I feel good and excited about this, and a little nervous! I am so excited to see how my business may grow out there. Wish me luck!

Custom Pet Portraits and Gift Cards

Mother's Day is around the corner...May 12th! And for the Mama who loves her furry babies, a gift card would be a great gift idea. You can make the gift card out to be any size canvas. Find out more on my Etsy shop.

I have been getting a lot of requests for multiple pets on one canvas, which are so much fun to paint. Below is a large canvas, 30"x40" size canvas, which has four pets on it. The customer sent four different photos and I just combined them all together on one canvas. Here is more info on ordering one like this.

And some of you may recall my painting I did about a year ago that had a plott hound puppy and three little pigs in the back of an old Ford pickup truck. A customer asked to have their pup in a truck with the pigs and that is pictured below...what a fun project! Find out about a custom painting like this on my Etsy shop.