Friday, February 8, 2019

Reflective paper and some new techniques in NC

Hello friends! 

Well, it's the new year, 2019.  I am back in Cary, North Carolina for the time being.  While I've been here, I have tried out some new experiments! 

I thought I'd see what happened if I painted directly onto metallic/reflective stock paper...and here are some of the results...  

Honey Bee, painted on canvas paper, cut out, and laid upon gold foil, reflective paper.  My two fingers in the reflection...

Black Leopard painting on reflective 12x12 paper. So serious!

Awww, little kitty! 12x12 size, all of them framed and ready to hang on your wall.

Here is a video of the kitty painting to see how cool the paper looks...the look of the painting is always changing, along with you.

And two red cardinals.  I swear, since I've been back in North Carolina, the cardinals have been trying to get my attention.  I love watching them fly around and talk to each other.  

Reading up on facts about these birds was really interesting, too.  Did you know? That male cardinals fly into windows so much because when they see a reflection in the window, they think it's a competitor and so they go after them...but they fly into themselves instead! :(

And I have not forgotten about my good ol' canvas.  Here are some of the latest on canvas...

Two White Doves. Love birds! Tiny 5x7.

But have you heard of Kambo?!  In Austin, TX, I had the great opportunity to try a Kambo Ceremony for an intense detox.  It was really therapeutic for me personally, and felt so strongly about the power of the frogs medicine, that I wanted to paint it.  

If you're interested to learn more about Kambo, visit this site, Tribal Detox, it's pretty informative...or just google it of course.

White Tiger and her Butterflies, 11x14.

All of these paintings are for sale on my Etsy Shop.  As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any custom requests or comments.

Thanks for reading!