Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stories behind pet portraits

As you may know, I work at a vineyard as the manager and event coordinator (for my "real" job) and I have had the chance to meet great people. One of our regular customers brings their little guy, Amus, to enjoy some nightlife at the winery. His wife asked me to paint his portrait for his birthday and it was a fun surprise for him!

The painting of the pup in the truck bed also has a happy story. This customer gave a portrait to his friend because the dog had gone missing! The recipient of the painting was heartbroken, as he thought that his little friend was gone forever. This friend, my customer, had me paint his portrait in memory of him so he could have something to remember him by. After I had already started working on the portrait, however, I got a message that he was found! He returned home and all was well. He still wanted the portrait though! :)

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